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What is Newsorb(TM)?

Newsorb(TM) is a super absorbent polymer, which is a highly
water-absorbent resin that absorbs about 400 to 700 times
as much water as its own weight.
Also, once absorbed water hardly releases even if a little pressure
is applied.
The raw material is a main acrylate-based (acrylic polymer partially
sodium salt crosslinked product) superabsorbent resin.


Super absorbent resin has the following features. ● Absorbs about 400 to 700 times its own weight of water and forms a gel, and once absorbed, it hardly releases even if some pressure is applied. ● It has the property of absorbing moisture under high humidity and releasing moisture absorbed under low humidity, so-called moisture absorption and release properties. ● It is practically insoluble in water and most organic solvents. Density: 0.6 g / ml Water absorption: 400 g / g (deionized water) ● This product is a water-absorbing polymer with excellent water absorption / water retention and gelling power.

[For sanitary agents]
■ Sanitary products, disposable diapers (water absorption, water retention, swelling)

[For food and distribution]
■ Condensation prevention sheet (water absorption, water retention)
■ Drip absorbent material (water absorption, water retention)
■ Freshness retention material (water absorption, water retention)
■ Cold insulation material (gelling power)

[For daily miscellaneous goods]
■ Gel air freshener (water absorption, water retention)
■ Disposable body warmer (water absorption, water retention)
■ Cooling bandana ... (water absorption, water retention)
■ Simple sandbags (swelling)
■ Deodorant ... (gelling power)
■ Simple toilet for disasters (gelling power)

[For pet related]
■ Pet sheet, cat litter ... (water absorption, water retention, swelling)

[For medical use]
■ Waste blood solidifying agent (gelling power)
■ Gelling agent for dental waste liquid ... (gelling power)

[For electrical and electronic materials]
■ Waterproofing material for communication cable ... (swelling)

[For civil engineering and construction]
■ Condensation prevention building materials (water absorption and water retention)
■ Remaining soil solidification material ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ (Remaining soil solidification material)
■ Moisture removal in oil ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ (water absorption, water retention)
■ Gasket packing (swelling)
■ Digestion water ... (gelling power)
■ Water damage prevention waste liquid gelling agent ・ ・ (gelling power)